clothes everywhere

clothes drying


washing outside

the view from andy's parents' apartment

it has been almost a week now that i have been in china and i am absolutely in love. shanghai is incredible. i've too much too write now but on the next post will give out all the details.


it's a guinness kind of day

timeless and refreshing. cool off on a hot island with an ice cold guinness.


for my sweet nicholas


me blowing o-rings


solitary gorgonian hydroid

angry arrow army



sailfin blenny (without his sail up...)

yellowhead jawfish
(the males incubate the eggs in their mouth and i've started noticing that you can tell this because they've got two black stripes going down their throat)

ocean triggerfish

slender filefish (juvenile)

sharpnose puffer (fast little buggers)


this is what i do

spotted trunkfish

tyson at el aguila

spotted cyphoma (about 1 1/4cm big)

divers descending on el aguila wreck

longsnout butterflyfish


when you can't go diving

my friend tyson and i went for a snorkel the other day. the reef is just a couple minutes swim from the shop dock. we had a sharksucker follow us for a while. they attach themselves to bigger marine animals and mooch a free ride and protection. this little guy tried catching up to a boat but it was too fast, so he shamefully swam back to us. we swam around the point and into half moon bay, which west end is situated around. on the way we saw two bluespotted cornetfish (it's like a trumpetfish). i have been here over a year now and this was the first time i'd seen one. two. not that they are rare though. there is a man, karl stanley, who built and runs the worlds deepest submarine tour right out of half moon bay and there is a sunken submarine there as well. he built it when he was in his teens (i think). tyson found a skull in there. we determined, but not immediately, that it was a fake. all in all, a good day.


el raro

harlequin pipefish

these guys are rare, well, pipefish in general are. i've only seen three of these on the reef. this guy was tucked way back into the reef and hard to get a decent shot of, so this is my best of four.


okay enough already

lettuce sea slug

glassy sweepers

flying flounder

juvenile slippery dick

knobby anemone


here's something

sea urchin out and about

angry arrow crab

juvenile bluehead

glasseye snapper

star coral feeding